Leading Men and Why We Love Them

In my Campus Crush series, we meet a few different leading men because it’s a companion series—meaning each book follows a different couple. So today I want to talk about leading men and what makes them so…well, yummy.

RRAIn Romancing the R.A. we have Andy Decker, a sexy blond with an amazing body. Andy is an R.A., but not by choice. His father is the dean and wants to teach Andy about responsibility. Andy’s also a swimmer, and there may be a scene involving nothing more than a Speedo in this book. 😉 Personality wise, Andy is honest about what he’s thinking, but he’s also respectful. He loves to cook and can make a cone of yogurt and a mug of sprinkles sexier than you’d imagine.


Behind Closed Doors final

In Behind Closed Doors the male lead is Darren McEntire, who is tall, dark, and yummy. He’s twenty-three and a bartender at the local pub, which his parents own. But Darren is also a T.A. (Teacher’s Assistant) at Timberland College. He’s crazy sexy and isn’t afraid to leave work early in order to be with the girl he’s into. He struggles with what he wants and what he thinks he should do, and he’s hiding a family secret that he’s worried may ruin his reputation.


Rushing into loveIn Rushing Into Love we have Ben Whitmore, a freshman at Timberland. Ben has a deep, sexy voice which he uses to serenade the MC, Julia. He’s incredibly romantic and quite persistent. He makes sure he finds out everything about the girl he likes and he surprises her with gifts. But like Darren, Ben’s keeping secrets that could hurt more than just himself.


Now, there’s one more Campus Crush book, but I’m not going to mention it yet since it hasn’t been released, but I am going to say that it will be a prequel and it will be FREE!!!

Back to leading men, all of the above (Andy, Darren, and Ben) won me over even though they are all different. Why? Each is sexy in his own way. Sexy comes in so many forms, and I can appreciate them all.

What quality do you find sexy in a guy?


4 thoughts on “Leading Men and Why We Love Them

  1. All of your leading men are great, but I always have a soft spot for the “bay boy” type. Tall, dark, and yummy? Yup! Darren would be my pick. But I loved this about Andy: “He loves to cook and can make a cone of yogurt and a mug of sprinkles sexier than you’d imagine.” And Ben is a very close runner-up. What can i say? I like a man of mystery. 😉

  2. I’m always going to go for the bartender! Love a dark, sexy older guy who works hard and parties hard. There’s a perfect amount of attentiveness required, too–not too much, not too little. 🙂

    All these guys sound so sexy, Ashelyn!! ❤

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