Holding On by Meg Jolie

17790107Quinn Johnson has known the McGrath boys for as long as she can remember.

Luke has been her best friend for most of her life. He’s always been there for her, catching fireflies with her, maneuvering the hazards of high school with her, attending college parties with her, and protecting her. He was the boy that she could always trust, even if he was the boy that stole her first kiss.

His older brother, Jake, was the one who teased them mercilessly while they were growing up. Yet, he was the one who would ultimately steal Quinn’s heart.

A surprise pregnancy and a cruel twist of fate are about to change everything.


Friendship and family will be tested.

Quinn will find out that sometimes the only way to get through life is to hold on with everything you have. And other times…the only thing you can do is let go.



If I’m being honest, this is a really tough review for me to write. I really loved Jake. He was the perfect guy. He loves Quinn and was already planning to propose to her when he finds out she’s pregnant with his baby. So…(SPOILER ALERT) when he died, I wanted to stop reading the book. I mean, there was a huge part of me that felt like he was killed off just so Luke and Quinn could get together. I decided to push through and keep reading because up until that point, I was enjoying the book. I trotted on eggshells for the rest of the story, chanting “Please don’t get together with Luke” until the very end. I don’t want to see Quinn and Luke together. It seems like a slap in the face of Jake’s memory. And since Quinn names her baby Carter Lucas, I think we can predict where book two will go.

Now, having said that, I realize that this is just my reaction to the relationship and Jake’s death. I’m sure some people will root for Luke from the start instead. So I hope my feelings don’t stop anyone else from reading the book. I tend to get attached to characters and be loyal to them until the end and that definitely happened here with Jake.


2 thoughts on “Holding On by Meg Jolie

    • Yes, very daring by the author. I agree, Brenda. I’m sure there are plenty of readers rooting for Quinn and Luke, but I was Team Jake. I guess it’s just more proof that reading is so subjective.

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