I Am Yours by Faith Sullivan

I Am Yours (Heartbeat, #3)Adam is at a crossroads. He has Katie on his mind and Jada in his bed. Now with the ultimate choice before him, he must decide between fantasy and reality. Katie’s his dream girl, but Jada’s his best friend, his partner. As a paramedic, he’s supposed to save lives, not wreck them. Yet his failure to commit leaves a trail of heartache in his wake. Things come to a head at his brother’s wedding when a surprise announcement leaves Adam scrambling to pick up the pieces. Sure, women find his shaggy blond hair and aquamarine eyes irresistible. But to him, sex is nothing more than a means of escape … until it turns into a psychological trap. His mind is telling him one thing, while his heart is beating another. He’s not sure what he wants when it comes to a serious relationship. Sorting out his feelings, he finally comes to a startling realization. He is capable of love. But what if it’s too late?



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I can’t tell you how much I needed to read this book. The ending of book two in the Heartbeat series blew my mind. Just blew my mind. I loved it. I was dying to see where Sullivan would take Adam and Katie in this book. One thing I love about Sullivan’s writing is that she ALWAYS surprises me, and that’s not easy to do because I’m the type of person who usually figures out the plot pretty quickly. Not with Sullivan’s works. She can throw a plot twist like no one I know. And she did it again with I Am Yours. I was floored when I found out what was really doing on. It was awesome.

How do I know it was awesome? Because the story didn’t end up the way I was hoping, but I was still okay with it because it made more sense for the series the way Sullivan wrapped things up. And really that’s an author’s job: to do justice to her characters and their stories. I know when I pick up a book by Faith Sullivan I’ll get just that, which is why she has a fan for life in me.

If you haven’t checked out the Heartbeat series, definitely give it a try.


4 thoughts on “I Am Yours by Faith Sullivan

  1. I love it when a book completely throws me off. There is something more meaningful when the plot is unpredictable. This seems like an intriguing read so thanks for sharing, Kelly. I’m not familiar with Sullivan’s books but after reading your thoughts, I want to check them out!

    • Faith always surprises me with her books, and I love that. It’s so rare to find books that really shock you when you’re an author because your mind is trying to unravel the plot from the very first page, and because of how our minds work, we are usually able to predict what’s coming.

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