New Adult vs. Young Adult

My Campus Crush series is New Adult. The characters are in college and they are trying to discover who they are and what it means to open yourself up to love. I had a blast writing this series because there is something very freeing about the NA age group. I feel like the possibilities are endless. The characters are technically adults, but they don’t quite have life figured out just yet. Not that any of us REALLY have life figured out, but you know what I mean. The characters are away from home but still somewhat supervised living in college dorms. So much can happen as these individuals try to find their places in the world.

But I also write Young Adult and I love it just as much. YA is has more rules. The characters are usually living with their parents, which poses a potential problems in many ways. Teens want to act like grownups, despite what their parents say. The other great thing about YA is that the characters are often experiencing things for the first time. First kisses, first relationships, first everything. That’s exciting because I get to tap into my “first” experiences to convey those emotions and thoughts. And like I said, the potential for conflict with adults looming nearby makes everything that much more difficult for the teen characters.

So NA or YA? My answer is both. I love them both for the different things they offer to not only the author but the reader as well.


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