The Other Summer Girl

I’ve got another great N.A. title for you today. Check out The Other Summer Girl by Sarah Towne.

The Other Summer Girl Book Cover

Melanie Collier is in her second semester at Indiana University. She’s learning how to survive the college experience with few friends and a V-card in mint condition.

She never imagined herself going to such a large university because it seemed just too impossible – too many people and too far from home. Freshman year was tough for Melanie.

She was counting down the days left until the year was over before she stopped in a friend’s room on her way back from the bathroom one night. After a chance meeting with an Australian and his Vegemite, Melanie learns how to slow down and take in her new life in Bloomington, Indiana.

Melanie might have found a second wind at IU, but will Melanie and Lleyton have the same chance surviving the summer, too…


Sarah D. Towne is a twenty-something writer living in the Midwest. She loves writing about all of the random, wonderful, and beautiful things that happen in the late-teens and twenties.

Likes: Key West, fashion magazines, Food Network
Dislikes: Scary movies, mean girls (the movie being the exception), floral window treatments (more on this later. Might show up in a future book).

The Other Summer Girl is Sarah D. Towne’s debut novel. You can follow her on Twitter (@sarahdtowne), Pinterest (, Instagram (, and on her website (

You can find the first 4 chapters of The Other Summer Girl on Wattpad
The Other Summer Girl is available for purchase on Amazon.

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