My Writing Process Blog Tour

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I’ve been tagged by Michelle Ziegler for the My Writing Process Blog Tour. Thanks, Michelle.

I’m a YA and NA romance author represented by Sarah Negovetich of Corvisiero Literary Agency. My first NA contemporary romance, Campus Crush, is available now, and my debut YA , Perfect for You, releases in September through Swoon Romance.


What am I working on?
I’m working on revisions for Perfect For You, which releases in September through Swoon Romance. I’m also working on the sequel to Into the Fire, a YA paranormal romance.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I get very emotionally invested in my characters and my stories, so when I write and especially when I revise, I need to keep tissues handy. When my characters cry, I cry. I have to experience every emotion they do in order to convey that in my books, so I think that emotional connection I have makes my books different from others out there because it’s very personal to me and my past experiences.

Why do I write what I do?
I find it very therapeutic to write romance. We’ve all had our hearts broken at some point or another, and we’ve all experienced the wonder of first loves. I get to relive both of those experiences when I write and the teenager who still lives inside me thrives on that emotion.

How does my writing process work?
I usually mull over an idea for a few days to make sure it’s something that’s developed enough to withstand the length of a novel, or even a series. I need to chat with my characters and find out who they are and what they want before I even start thinking about drafting. Only when I feel I really know them and their stories can I begin writing.

And here are the two authors I’ve selected to post next week:

Brenda Moguez Writer, dreamer, and hoarder of words, books, song lyrics, and magical moments.

Faith Sullivan is an author of New Adult contemporary romances including the HEARTBEAT trilogy, the TAKE ME NOW series and the 9/11 novel, UNEXPECTED. Email her at, follow her on Twitter at @_FaithSullivan_ and read her blog at


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