Spotlight on Lilly Christine

Today I’d like to spotlight an author I recently met at an event. Lilly Christine writes romantic fiction. Check out her books:

Crashing Into Tess (McGreers #1)

Was “Crashing Into Tess” the hit of Jake’s lifetime? 

Ivy-educated veterinarian Tess Bamberger leaves suburbia for a new adventure in Green Junction, Colorado. Rural ranch work is tough, but satisfying; it’s her attraction to Jake that finds her in one debacle after another. Tess has always been confident and carefree, but suddenly her dreams seem to be eluding her.

Divorced, single-dad rancher Jake McGreer is accustomed to hard hits. He resists the allure of the talented, flirtatious new vet, but Tess fits in seamlessly with ranch life. She stitches up his favorite quarterhorse, and mends his daughter’s broken heart. His daughter adores her, his friends want a wedding, but her parent’s are certain he’s up to no good ~Will the vixen veterinarian decide that Jake is her one true love?


Crazy On Daisy ( McGreers #2)

Daisy Antelerone is tired of losing. Her ranch is gone, her Momma’s gone, her truck’s busted, and she just buried her Daddy. But her sights are on the Texas Rodeo Barrel Racing Champion Title, and she’s willing to risk whatever it takes to win. . .even a bet on bothersome boy-next-door Hank Gallagher. 
A successful rancher with a heart the size of Texas, Hank’s desperate for Daisy, and he’s willing to gamble the ranch to fix things between them. He winds up deeply troubled~ and deeply in love. Hank’s heart is Crazy On Daisy, but his brain tells him he better think twice. . . 


Right Kinda Bull (McGreers #3)

A busted bull calf, two lonely hearts and a determined little cat named Aggie. . . 
Once a fool for Ty McGreer, Lindsay Robbins is tired of bull . . . Her work occupies her eight days a week, and she goes home to her cat. The greek god of Texas A&M hasn’t been back in eight years, but his bull calf needs surgery, Lindsay’s his doc, and he realizes what ‘s missing in his life. Lonely for Lindsay, Ty’s determined to get it right. . . the second, third and every time after. . . But is he the Right Kinda Bull? 


Designs On Daphne ( McGreers #4)

He’s had a crush on her since forever, so why won’t he sneak a kiss? 

Dyin’ to ditch Hobble Creek, Daphne Antelerone dives into a decorating job for Austin attorney Rodric McGreer. He’s Texas’ top legal talent, his mother’s a stitch, and he says yes to everything she proposes! Rodric lives life large, and his penthouse, budget and reputation are all remarkable. Daphne find herself liking everything about him, especially those suits. . . so why can’t she get him out of them? 

*This book is FREE on Amazon for Mother’s Day weekend!*


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