Into the Fire

I have a book coming out this fall that I haven’t really talked about much, and the reason is because it’s not a typical Ashelyn Drake book. Don’t get me wrong. It’s filled with romance, but it’s also paranormal fantasy. In fact, it had a slightly different cover with my real name, Kelly Hashway, on it. Why am I sharing this now? Because I just got the updated cover, which actually has both of my names on it. Check it out.


I couldn’t be happier with this cover, and since it’s popping up all over the internet, I want to share the Dear Reader letter in the beginning of the book that explains why both my names are on the book.

Dear Reader,

When I set out to write Into the Fire, I thought I was writing a paranormal novel. But after I witnessed Cara and Logan together, I soon realized I wasn’t just writing a story about a Phoenix trying to save her kind. I was writing a love story. And the further I got into the novel, the more it became obvious that the book was equal parts paranormal and romance. In essence, you could remove the paranormal and have a straightforward romance, or remove the romance and have a full-fledged paranormal novel. Honestly, I prefer the blend of the two, but the tricky part became how to brand this particular series.

As many of you know, I write under two names. Kelly Hashway is my speculative fiction name, and Ashelyn Drake is my contemporary romance pen name. When it came to deciding which name should be on the cover of Into the Fire, there was really only one answer: both. For a book that is so clearly two genres, I need both my names. I hope that everyone who reads the book will agree and see why I chose to blend the names I write under.

So for the Kelly Hashway fans, I can promise you will get a Kelly Hashway paranormal novel that you are accustomed to, and Ashelyn Drake fans will get the kind of romance they are used to. It’s the best of both worlds, something for everyone.

Thank you for picking up Into the Fire. I hope you fall in love with Cara and Logan the way I have, and that you root for Cara and the Phoenixes as they fight for their lives against the Hunters.

Yours truly,
Kelly Hashway/Ashelyn Drake

So, that’s the story behind Into the Fire. The ebook will release with Swoon Romance, while the paperback will release with Month9Books. I hope my romance fans will check it out because the relationship between Cara and Logan is intense and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. If you’d like to add it on Goodreads, you can find it here.

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