Beth Fred “Needs A Hero”

Please welcome fellow romance author Beth Fred to the blog today!

You remember the lyrics from the corny fairy song in Shrek 2, “I need a her-o.” Well, in romance those words couldn’t ring more true. Whether you loved Twilight like I did or couldn’t wait for the phase to past like some people, two things are to be admitted. 1) It was a bestseller and a box office hit. 2) Bella had some serious character flaws. In fact, depending on who you ask she might be an annoying dingbat. So that leaves a serious question. How does a book–a saga–feature pages and pages of an annoying dingbat and still get read, re-read, optioned, and produced? Because Bella had a hero. In fact, she had two. Two well-intentioned, incredibly toned guys, one who was a perfect gentleman and one with a wild side. Romance is an escape. A strong easy-to-relate-to heroine is important, but a hero who you can’t help but like, and who you know wants to give the heroine everything she wants at any cost is crucial. He can (and should) still have his own character flaws, but they can’t be anything too serious. I need to like this guy so much I want to be this girl!

Who is your favorite hero? Why? 
Also, if you’re working on a query or could use some serious plotting help, I’m teaching a class in August. You can sign up here.

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