Become a Phoenix in My Book Series!

That’s right! You could be a character in my book series! How cool would it be to have your name in a book? And not just as any old character. As a powerful Phoenix!

I’m holding an #IntotheFireChallenge. The book released on September 9th and I’m giving you until October 9th to read it. Request it at your local library, buy it on Amazon or B&N, or borrow it from a friend. Read it and post a review on Amazon by the end of the day October 9th. Reviews don’t have to be that long, and please be honest. Whether or not you liked the book, loved the book, or it wasn’t for you won’t affect ‘t your chances of winning. On October 10th I’ll pick a winner using a random number generator and matching it to that review on Amazon.

You could also win signed copies of all three books in the Birth of the Phoenix series!

For full details, watch the video here.

Come on, you know you want to be immortalized as a Phoenix in one of my books. 🙂


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